Research Network

BayGene - Bavarian Genome Research Network

The Bavarian Genome Research Network was founded in 2004 by the Bavarian ministry of science, research and art to strengthen the Bavarian genome research enduringly. It will continue for 7 years. BayGene projects are not limited to the development of methods for analysis, isolation, manipulation and transfer of DNA. In fact, they are about biotechnological research as an interdisciplinary attempt to explore biological systems and to use the hereby-gained results for practical applications. Beside the FAU Erlangen and LMU Munich, the University of Regensburgy is participationg with a couple of projects.

LETEK - Network Food Security and disinfection

The network "Food Security and disinfection" is a nationwide operating sub network. It aims the development of new disinfection procedures, which are tailored to the needs of the food industry, as well as to medical technology and human medicine.This is really improtant in order to counteract the increasing risks to the human health, for example through the spread of pathogens through the food chain (f.e. EHEC), infections in the medical area and multiresistent germs in the livestock farming.

OTPD - Optical technology in photodynamics

Strategische Partnerschaft Sensorik e. V. (SPS) officially manages the Bavarian cluster for the competence field of sensor technology since 2006. This means that we bundle the interests of enterprises, universities, and other research institutes on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria. We are a widely recognized network in the sensor technology sector with roughly 70 members (companies and institutes) from industry and science, and additional 150 associated partners.

BioSysNet - Bavarian Research Network for Molecular Biosystems

The Bavarian Research Network for Molecular Biosystems aims at concentrating and expanding existing Bavarian competencies and skills in the area of biosystems research; this way it will enhance international attention towards Bavaria in this innovative research field. The network builds on the expertise of the Bavarian Genome Research Network (BayGene) as well as the Bavarian Immunotherapy Network (BayImmuNet), which were established in 2004 and 2008 respectively.

RCN - Regensburger Center of Neuroscience

The RCN supports the cross-linking of research and teaching activities between the experimental and clinical neuroscience at the university of Regensburg. This concerns pre-existing teaching activities as well as the initiation and coordination of common educational efforts, seminars and lecture series and the support of young scientists.