Press Releases

Regensburg Expands its Business Contacts in the USA

Regensburg’s Mayor Hans Schaidinger has led another delegation to partner cities and partner companies in the USA. The participation of the city of Regensburg in the world’s largest biotech trade show, Bio2003 in Washington, D.C., successfully initiated further meetings in San Francisco, Ca., San Antonio, Tx., and Germantown, Md.

Regensburg on Its Way to Becoming the New Center of Sensor Technology

The city of Regensburg, ten companies and the University of Regensburg signed a strategic partnership agreement intended to provide a foundation for the continued development of Regensburg into the leading sensor production center of Germany.

Bionorica AG on the Road to Success With a New Concept

Bionorica, AG, has become one of the top three most successful pharmaceutical producers in Germany due to its novel Phytoneering-concept. The company recorded a profit of 57 million Euro in 2002. Recently, 7 million Euro (13% of the profits) were invested in research.

Geneart wins the Bavarian Founder's Prize

Geneart, located in BioPark Regensburg received the Bavarian Founder's Prize for "Soaring Company of the Year”. The Regensburg start-up gene-synthesis company is already recording profits in its second year of business.

Davids Biotechnologie in Worldwide Demand

The bio-diagnostics company has moved to its new premises in Burgweinting, Regensburg and has begun exporting raw materials for diagnostic use all over the world.

Entelechon and Peqlab Join Forces

The Regensburg Entelechon GmbH company will in future along with the Erlangen Peqlab Biotechnologie GmbH company offer synthetic genes in combination with the service offer Perfect-Gene in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

New Multimetrix GmbH Diagnostics On the Market

The field of diagnostics is considered to be one of the highest-growth and relatively risk-free market segments in biotechnology. A Regensburg company is a major player within this field.