Press Releases

NeuroProfile Founder Receives Award

The NeuroProfile Company has made it into the top five in the national Idée-Advancement Competition “Female Business Women Create Jobs” and makes it clear that even in the Oberpfalz women are successfully creating highly innovative employment positions.

Si4Health: A New Biotech-Tenant in BioPark

A new biotech company has moved into BioPark Regensburg. The company develops innovative materials for a new generation of Tissue Engineering, commonly used in the field of human medicine. Si4Health can already boast a worldwide turnover of 13.5 million euros in 2002.

The TK-Office as an important Interface for Genetic Technology

For several years, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK-Technicians Health Care Company) has closely been following the developments of medical engineering in Bavaria. It is a particularly important topic for mandatory health care providers and therefore, biotech companies are important dialog partners for the insurance companies. The biotech companies are primarily involved in research to find new treatments, i.e. cancer, vaccinations, which are of great interest for health care providers.

Collaborative Agreement Between Amgen Inc. and Tularik Inc.

The California based biotech companies Amgen and Tularik have embarked on a close collaborative effort in the field of oncology (cancer treatment). Amgen has contributed 20 percent of its own capital to this partnership with Tularik and in a separate move has bought six million shares of Tularik’s common stocks. Tularik will in return receive 125 mill. US$ (110 mill. Euro) from Amgen.

Successful Round Financing for Profos AG

In spite of the current crisis in the venture capital arena, the Regensburg biotech company Profos AG has been able to convince the well-known international Danisco Venture Investment Corporation to collaborate. Through this the company will be substantially sustained and the basis for stronger growth and accelerated development will be secured.

Regensburg Expands its Business Contacts in the USA

Regensburg’s Mayor Hans Schaidinger has led another delegation to partner cities and partner companies in the USA. The participation of the city of Regensburg in the world’s largest biotech trade show, Bio2003 in Washington, D.C., successfully initiated further meetings in San Francisco, Ca., San Antonio, Tx., and Germantown, Md.

Regensburg on Its Way to Becoming the New Center of Sensor Technology

The city of Regensburg, ten companies and the University of Regensburg signed a strategic partnership agreement intended to provide a foundation for the continued development of Regensburg into the leading sensor production center of Germany.

Bionorica AG on the Road to Success With a New Concept

Bionorica, AG, has become one of the top three most successful pharmaceutical producers in Germany due to its novel Phytoneering-concept. The company recorded a profit of 57 million Euro in 2002. Recently, 7 million Euro (13% of the profits) were invested in research.

Geneart wins the Bavarian Founder's Prize

Geneart, located in BioPark Regensburg received the Bavarian Founder's Prize for "Soaring Company of the Year”. The Regensburg start-up gene-synthesis company is already recording profits in its second year of business.

Davids Biotechnologie in Worldwide Demand

The bio-diagnostics company has moved to its new premises in Burgweinting, Regensburg and has begun exporting raw materials for diagnostic use all over the world.