2bind GmbH

Business Strategies

The 2bind GmbH is a service provider in the field of biophysical analyses: From Stability to Affinity. Our customers and collaborators mainly work in the fields of drug development, aptamer generation, and antibody discovery. Our mission is to support and help our partners with our innovative analyses to drive their science.

Core Technologies

We offer different assays formats.

We analyze protein stability using the nanoDSF technology. This labelfree method allows us to determine the melting temperature of a target protein in a precise manner with freedom of buffer and low sample consumption.

nanoDSF Assay formats are:
  • buffer screening assays
  • detergent screening assays
  • interaction partner screening assays
  • quality controls
We offer molecular interaction analyses based on the innovative Microscale Thermophoresis Technology (MST). This technology allows our experts at 2bind to study any kind of molecular interaction in solution, with free choice of buffer. Our semi-automated MicroScale Thermophoresis platform is optimized in terms of speed, sample consumption, and cost-efficiency.

MicroScale Thermophoresis assay formats are:
  • binding assays
  • library screening assays
  • competition assays
  • assays with mutliple binding partners

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