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Iris Biotech Laboratories GmbH

(founded in 2013 by Iris Biotech GmbH, 5 employees) is a chemical laboratory with specific know-how in synthesizing chiral compounds, hydrophilic polymers and other fine chemicals. The majority of the work is contract research, process development and custom synthesis.

Kalbitzer Innovations UG

(founded in 2011, 2 employees) develops project specific software for the application of complex analytical methods such as NMR-spectroscopy and uses of high hydrostatic pressures up to 500 MPa in biomedicine, especially in drug development and protein biotechnology.

Kelheim Fibres GmbH

(founded in 1935, 500 employees) world leading producer of viscose specialty fibres for hygiene products, specialty papers, filtration, technical textiles, flock and many other applications.


Recent advances in Microarray and Deep Sequencing Technologies fundamentally changed the face of modern life sciences. Within this vibrant and constantly growing market, KFB - Center of Excellence for Fluorescent Bioanalytics - has established itself as a competent service provider offering customer-oriented research and development solutions.


Since September 2011 there has been a childcare facility on-site for the leasehold employees at BioPark Regensburg. Requests for available places can also be placed by other users. Sponsors of the childcare facility are Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Regional Association Upper Palatinate.

Labor Friedle GmbH

(founded in 2003, 71 employees) Certified chemical-analytical laboratory for food ingredients, analytics of chemical residues, nutrient content analytic, examination of human biological matrices, microbiological examinations and examination of indoor air pollution.

Linhardt Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

(founded in 1943, 1200 employees) develops and produces aluminium and plastic tubes as a partner to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries and as a provider of a comprehensive range of special solutions.

Lisando GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2009, 12 employees) designs and develops novel effective antibacterials to combat bacterial pathogens e.g. proteins that are designed by LISANDO in order to efficiently destroy bacteria, using an enzymatic mechanism.

Lophius Biosciences GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2002, 20 employees) focuses on the development and marketing of innovative immune diagnostic systems to improve therapy control and personalized treatment of patients in the area of transplantation, infectious and autoimmune diseases. The company’s developments are based on its expertise in cell-mediated immunity as well as on its proprietary T-activation® and Reverse T Cell Technology platforms.

Medical Device Partners GmbH

(founded in 2001, 2 employees) consultancy with the aim to support clients in bringing products and services successfully to the medical device market.

MISTER Mikrosystemtechnik Regensburg

(founded in 1997, 2 employees) develops sensor technology in biosensors, diagnostics, instruments for laboratory and process control. A company of the OTH Regensburg.


(founded in 2003, 4 employees) offers services for the conduct of clinical studies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Hungary.

nal von minden GmbH

(founded in 2004, 100 employees) specialized in rapid tests, Elisa and homogenous enzyme immune assays in the fields of gynaecology, infectious diseases, cardiac infarct markers, detection of cancer, urology and especially drug of abuse.

NeuroProfile GmbH

(founded in 2001, 2 employees) develops novel pharmaceuticals for diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and depression by using innovative neuronal targets (disease-related genes or proteins).

numares HEALTH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2004, 48 employees) develops and markets integrated test systems for human diagnostics. The fully automated numares systems provide information about formation, extent and severity of diseases in high throughput operations. They ensure improved treatment options at high patient safety and cost-effectiveness.