All tenants at BioPark

2bind GmbH

(im BioPark, founded in 2011, 5 employees) offers customers from pharma and biotech various biophysical analytical services. Our benefit from a strong expertise in biophysical methods, from customized milestone based projects with clear timelines and reliable cost structures.

AARU Audi Accident Research Unit

With the joint goal of reducing the risk of injuries and its consequences, AUDI AG and the department of casualty surgery at the University of Regensburg have joined forces in a research project called AARU (AUDI ACCIDENT RESEARCH UNIT).

ABB gomtec GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2008, 1 employee in the BioPark) branch of ABB gomtec GmbH in Seefeld, develops medical robots (intelligent manipulators) for surgery, diagnostics and therapy.

Active Motif GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2005, 1 employees) develops and produces fluorescent dyes, nanoparticles, LED compatible fluorophores and fluorescence-conjugated molecules.

Assay.Works GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2016, 3 employees) Contract research organization, developing and executing tailor-made and scalable assays for bioactivity quantification in pharmaceutical, biotech and academic research.

Dehmel & Bettenhausen Patentanwälte PartmbB

is a firm of patent attorneys in the center of Munich with an office in the BioPark Regensburg providing a comprehensive, customized and expert fashion full-service to its clients, especially in the fields of intellectual property rights.

Fraunhofer ITEM

Currently, one in four deaths is caused by cancer – mainly as a result of metastatic disease spread. Thus, the Project Group concentrates on the development of diagnostic tests to detect disseminated cancer cells early in the disease and to predict the response to therapy of metastatic progenitor cells.

FUTUR F&E Transferstelle

FUTUR (Forschungs- und Technologietransfer Universität Regensburg) is Regensburg University’s multidisciplinary service facility for knowledge and technology transfer. It is a link between private business and university research.

HTCR Stiftung, Human Tissue and Cell Research Foundation

The Human Tissue and Cell Research (HTCR) Foundation regards the use of human in vitro models as a potent medical research instrument of high clinical relevance. Therefore it ascribes the development of new and improved in vitro techniques for the research into pathophysiological connections in human tissue and the resulting diagnostic and cell-based therapeutic options to be of central importance to this process.

Hyperthermics Regensburg GmbH

(founded in 2008, 2 employees) works on commercial application of hyperthermophile microorganisms, screening and culturing of all kinds of hyperthermophiles for industrial applications.

Institute of functional genomics

Systems biology of malignant and non-malignant diseases; Development of analytical tools for the high-throughput systematic characterization of genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes and metabolomes of cells, tissues and biofluids; Structural, functional and comparative genomics


Recent advances in Microarray and Deep Sequencing Technologies fundamentally changed the face of modern life sciences. Within this vibrant and constantly growing market, KFB - Center of Excellence for Fluorescent Bioanalytics - has established itself as a competent service provider offering customer-oriented research and development solutions.


Since September 2011 there has been a childcare facility on-site for the leasehold employees at BioPark Regensburg. Requests for available places can also be placed by other users. Sponsors of the childcare facility are Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Regional Association Upper Palatinate.

Lisando GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2009, 12 employees) designs and develops novel effective antibacterials to combat bacterial pathogens e.g. proteins that are designed by LISANDO in order to efficiently destroy bacteria, using an enzymatic mechanism.

Lophius Biosciences GmbH

(in the BioPark, founded in 2002, 20 employees) focuses on the development and marketing of innovative immune diagnostic systems to improve therapy control and personalized treatment of patients in the area of transplantation, infectious and autoimmune diseases. The company’s developments are based on its expertise in cell-mediated immunity as well as on its proprietary T-activation® and Reverse T Cell Technology platforms.