Current BioPark Annual Report 2016

The current development of the life science companies in BioRegion Regensburg demonstrates a stable number of companies and employees in East Bavaria. The new business figures presented by BioPark Regensburg GmbH for 2016 are for the Cluster in East Bavaria with 50 companies and 3,872 employees... read more

Efficient Combat of Multi-Resistant Bacteria

The Biotech Company Lisando GmbH, settled in BioPark Regensburg, is concentrating on the development of effective lytic proteins. Their active substances known by the name of Artilysins® could represent a revolutionary breakthrough in the combat against multiresistant bacteria... read more

Fifth Workshop on Health Care Sector

In the fifth workshop of the event series for developing a „Health Care Sector Masterplan“ for the region of Regensburg, the content cornerstones for the topics „Location Marketing & Economic Development“ have now been set... read more